Daily Prompt: A to Z

A lot of “me” is hidden under an invisible veil
But often times the truth prevails
Chaos sometimes quiets the storm
Danger often precedes the harm
Enigmatic to those who really know me
Fragile only to those who live below me
Giving gifts I have yet to receive
Hope for the day my presents are retrieved
Illusions of love swarm inside my limbs (but)
Jealousy often attacks my skin
Kind-hearted some times to a fault
Locked inside the chamber of a keyless vault
Manifest destiny seems to be a facade
Notable dreams fade like a mirage
Only time will tell if the future illuminates (and if)
Persistent pleasures continue to invigorate
Quantity or Quality are questions to answer
Resilience and resistance will be my cancer
Substantiating the reality I know is mine
Teaching myself the quality of wine
Understanding I get better as the years pass
Validated by “Him” if not by the mass
Wonderfully made and not a mistake
Xylene properties are simply a cape
Yours truly has many characteristics
Zipped up until the One unzips it


And so the journey begins…

In an attempt to purge my soul and get the things off my chest which I hold in, I have created this blog. As it is my intent to type the things which I would probably never speak aloud, I hope this blog helps me to grow and at least look at myself in a different light. I am scared. Scared to be honest, scared to say what I want to, and mostly scared to be wrong. Although it is one of the most famous lines from a very popular film in the the 90’s, I tell myself, “You can’t handle the truth.” The truth is not his story or her story but for now it my story. Hence, I wonder: Can I be honest and still look myself in the mirror? Can I be honest and still take myself seriously (but not too seriously:)? Can  I be honest and still grow closer to God? I ask myself these things not to inspire a response from the masses but rather to truly figure out how far I will go with this blog thing… An open book, I attempt this journey however, many reservations still exist. I don’t want to hurt as much. I don’t want to fail publicly.  And I don’t want any being, especially God, upset with me… But I guess it’s too late to turn back, we begin this journey…