And so the journey begins…

In an attempt to purge my soul and get the things off my chest which I hold in, I have created this blog. As it is my intent to type the things which I would probably never speak aloud, I hope this blog helps me to grow and at least look at myself in a different light. I am scared. Scared to be honest, scared to say what I want to, and mostly scared to be wrong. Although it is one of the most famous lines from a very popular film in the the 90’s, I tell myself, “You can’t handle the truth.” The truth is not his story or her story but for now it my story. Hence, I wonder: Can I be honest and still look myself in the mirror? Can I be honest and still take myself seriously (but not too seriously:)? Can  I be honest and still grow closer to God? I ask myself these things not to inspire a response from the masses but rather to truly figure out how far I will go with this blog thing… An open book, I attempt this journey however, many reservations still exist. I don’t want to hurt as much. I don’t want to fail publicly.  And I don’t want any being, especially God, upset with me… But I guess it’s too late to turn back, we begin this journey…


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